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Toroidal Transformer

We are reckoned among the reliable Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Toroidal Transformer. The transformers are manufactured in compliance with international quality standards. We have all the in-house facilities to deliver bulk orders of the transformers within the promised timeframe. One can obtain these at reasonable rates from us.


Details :

  • A toroidal transformer has ring type core made from cold rolled grain oriented ( CRGO ) Silicon steel strip without any joints and annealed for stress relief after being wound. These wound cores are then suitably insulated by insulation and the winding of conductor is usually done by winding machines.
  • The core being continuous, without any air gap and the path of flux being along the direction of grain orientation, gives an opportunity for optimum use of flux density, besides very low iron loss and exciting current. The primary and secondary windings are closely linked magnetically. Therefore the leakage fluxes and reactance are negligible.
  • A toroidal transformer has its winding spread over the entire periphery of the core. This results in large area for dissipating the heat. Till recently all such small low voltage type transformers needs were met almost universally by traditional or conventional El transformers. Now materials are easily available, so it has been possible to develop 'LOW VOLTAGE TOROIDAL TRANSFORMER' giving a whole set of advantages and wide range of applications in place of conventional transformers.


Advantages Over Conventional Transformer :

  • Smaller Size and Weight : When used with a centering washer and screw / bolt, it becomes 40 % lighter and smaller.
  • No Inherent Hum / Vibration and Low Noise : In toroid there is no air gaps and loose sheets of steel or lamination to cause vibration. Further copper winding are done on the above core so it almost completely eliminates the hum and noise.
  • Negligible ' No Load Loss ' and Excitation : In applications where a circuit is in a "stand - by mode" for a long period, the potential Cost reduction for power can be significant. Approximately 85 % at no load and 35 % under load condition.
  • Higher Efficiency : All windings are symmetrically spread over the entire round gapless core, which gives an opportunity for higher use of flux density and reduced winding resistance, thus it achieves a very high electrical efficiency.
  • Reduced Temperature Rise : Winding spread over the entire periphery of the core. This result in a larger area for dissipating the heat.
  • Low Stray Field : Approximately 85-90 % lower than conventional transformers.Since toroids have no air gaps, primaries and secondaries are wound uniformly around the entire core resulting in toroid emitting very low radiated magnetic field.
  • Ease of Mounting : Easy mounting by centering washer or Resin center potting with through hole and screw /bolt, or using bracket or combination of bracket and studs.

Applications :

  • Medical equipment, Audio / Video products , Motor control equipment, Lighting , Stabilized power supplies , Microprocessor based units , Battery chargers, Telecommunication products , Instrumentation , Computer and peripherals , CNC controlled machines , CRT, Robot equipment, Industrial Control Equipments, Office machines etc.
  • By considering above advantages, TOROIDAL TRANSFORMER is the one to be used in place of the old conventional type transformer.

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